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Some writing pieces that I am particularly proud of...

KnittingYou will have to forgive me
            for hysteria is clawing out of my throat
     as uncontrolled laughter
                 and the tears from my eyes
          that stream down my face,
                       defiling my immaculate eyeliner
                 with streaks as dirty as my
                            filthied mind;
My fingers are intricately interlocked and
           bound so tight that my knuckles are discoloured
     white and yellow and blue while
                 pins and needles stab and gouge
           overstrained tendons
How to be a parent1. Hit your child
when they do something wrong
or something
that you don't like.
Fists, open palms,
belts or wooden spoons
work best.
Do not explain why,
and make sure
to leave a mark.
2. Shout at your child
should they ever frustrate you
or make you angry.
Whether it's their fault
or yours;
they should be the ones to pay for it.
Especially if they cannot do
what you want them to,
no matter how hard
they might have tried.
3. Mock your child
when they are upset.
Do not comfort them
like they deserve;
tell them how stupid they look
with that runny nose
and tears streaming down their face.
Ask them if they've finished yet,
and if they continue to cry,
simply turn your back.
4. Shun your child
when they want your attention.
Tell them that the thing they made
is just a thing, not a plane,
and that it is not good enough,
and never will be.
Make sure they understand
how much better you were
at everything
at their age.
Make them feel worthless,
like a failure,
like they don't deserve your love
DumbWhy   s t a y   • s • i • l • e • n • t •
                                          when they—
        —ADDRESS    .y.o.u.
          —Berate     .y.o.u.
            —beat     .y.o.u.
with   « s y l l - a - b l e »  percussions
                 hammering straining
   ear drums
                                         raw to
       D i S - t O r - T i O n ?
Flesh   )c a v e d(   to   {e m b r a c e}
RunnerI walked, at first.
Then I ran.
And I kept on running,
even when I could no longer force the air into my lungs,
and the world spun and stars danced
in front of my glazed-over eyes.
I ran further than I had ever run before,
I ran miles and miles,
and I overheated until I had to
tie my shirt up and expose my
belly to keep from passing out.
I ran through a village,
then another village-and-another
and nobody ever met my eye
I ran down bridleways-footpaths
and ran through fields
and leg-shredding-brambles,
with my blade-down-the-back-of-my
trousers and t-H-i-R-t-E-e-N rivers of scarlet
trraaaaiiiiiiling down my arm.
I ran until I was
and my limbs were leaden and my mouth
tasted sweet and-i-had-no-food-or-energy-left
in a field near a road at the top of the hill watching the—
—sun set in reds-and-oranges-and-golds,
blue-velvet hues
Spirals and HurricanesSpinning, falling, down, down,
Dance to the chorus of the stars;
a waltz, step in time, three,
spirals, twisting, leaping, free.
Heads raised in triumph to the sun,
Fists clenched as bullets, shining bright,
glaring, smouldering through your soul
of sweet, sweet venom in your veins.
Hurricanes and missile fire,
Screaming chaos, deafened ears,
when blinded eyes watch old worlds die
as dumb men sing to solemn skies.
Clouds as waves, velvet, shrouds,
Drown in nectar, royal blue
butterflies drift on the breeze
of saddened sighs and weakened hearts.
Spirals blend with hurricanes,
Tears are stained with sand,
the woven noose,
a broken neck,
one final breath.
Ashes to ashesBurnt remains float on the draft,
A lazy dance on hidden currents,
Twirling, soaring, plunging into the gap
between charred floorboards
and ashen sills;
Empty inside...
Motes blurring into shadowed spectres,
Flashing in shafts of sunlight
that penetrate gloomy rooms,
Tales long forgotten
remembered in the woodgrain;
Void of feeling...
Disturbing footprints scattered,
Chaotic paths of desperation
running in circles,
Sprinting to a standstill
on black-veined tiles;
Cold as ice...
Splashes of vibrance embracing
silver plated moonbeams,
Ashes to ashes,
And shackled souls
battered to the bone;
Your words taste of dust.

My premuim runs out on the 17th D: I'm gonna be sad and beg for donations (pretty please)? 

5 deviants said Never mind: Two awesome people have set me up for the next 9 months (thank you so much!) :')


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Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
I am a 21 year old student, currently studying Art and Design, and also a writer, composer and singer-songwriter in my spare time.

I don’t really have one particular area of interest yet; I just enjoy creating and will give anything new a shot ;)

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Published work:

By Jenny Dalziel
Photo book

WARNING: If your favourites are full of naked women instead of art, especially if you do not have any deviations of your own, then I will most likely block you. This is an art site, not a porn site. My work carries a message, or maybe a little fun. Not jack-off material for some random stranger on the internet.

However, if you appreciate my work because it is art, then I am very grateful! Feel free to leave any comments and tips that you wish :)

Through a lover's eyesWow, I don't even know where to start... How do you describe someone like that, when words or images alone are simply not enough? She is just the most exquisite bundle of mischief I have ever, and probably will ever meet. Hell, she's a cocky wee git on good days, but even on the bad days she still has this amazing, fierce intelligence that I can only liken to the lightening that illuminates a storm, even if only for a brief moment. And though it does get to me a bit at times, I really do admire the wicked, almost sick sense of humour that appears along with that subtle dimple below the edge of her lips. Nothing has ever completely smothered that little spark; not even when she lay in that hospital bed, barely conscious from the cocktail of drugs she'd attempted to take her own life with. It has got her in trouble a few times; giggling at inappropriate moments, but I would far rather that than watching the light leave her eyes.
It does make me sad; the repeated suicide attempts. I mean,
Through a lover's eyes

Basic idea: Describe yourself through the eyes of a lover, whether or not your have one. I wanted to explore how someone else could still love you, even if you hated yourself. And why a lover? Because they tend to be far more positive and endearing than a friend. I wanted to paint a positive image on my imperfect canvas.

While I wanted the piece to be as if by a lover, I also wanted to paint a realistic image rather than the type where you are placed on a plinth and all you do is seen as flawless. I guess I kind of approached it like an essay; explore the positive and negative aspects of appearance/personality/behaviour; describe the person as a whole rather than just by a single element.

So what do I dislike about myself? I think the scars are ugly and ruin what I do have, I still see myself as not being slim enough, thighs are too big, boobs are too small in comparison to everything else and acne everywhere (on medication to help, but it's still a problem aesthetically and it's damn painful). I won't even start in how much I hate myself as a person, especially for simply not being good enough, and being capable of so much less than I was a few years ago.

What do I like about myself? I have good skin tone, love the curly hair and the fact that I've finally found a semi-ling style which actually works with it, I think I have a pretty nice ass even if I don't really like much else. I am bright, I'm good at problem solving, I try so hard to support and be nice to people when I can, I'm a reasonably fast learner... The list for what I like and what I hate could go on forever; for every positive aspect I can and do find a negative, and it's balancing out that view that I need to work on.

In this piece my aim was to ground the positives that I see, and find a way of turning the negatives in my opinion into good things from someone else's. I don't believe or agree with half of what I wrote, but I want to believe that it's true. Some day I would like to be able to have a fair and realistic, but far less harsh view of myself.

I set the challenge for others to join in (you're still perfectly welcome to, I haven't set a deadline) so that others can try and explore their own self image in a similar way.

Concert grand

Basic idea: People don't just have a wide spectrum of personalities, they also have a wide range of emotional capabilities. Some people feel a large variety of emotions but if weak intensity, some people only feel a few emotions but in strong intensity, and there are thousands of variations on this.

Borderline Personality Disorder, at least for me, means that I not only experience a wide range of different emotions, but they are also at extreme intensities and highly changeable. I can go from calm to pretty much anything in seconds, to a level that I simply cannot cope. It's rather like a loaded gun; there is such a fine line between the pressure required to hold the trigger almost pulled, and that final step over the edge which fires the bullet. The amount of force released when a shot is let off is so massive and destructive that it's basically impossible to contain. And just think about the panic and fear that people experience when they are in situations involving gunfire; I find that people react to me in a similar (albeit far less extreme) manner if I cannot contain or hide my outburst.

A psychotherapist once compared my emotional capabilities to that of a concert grand piano, whereas most people only have a small upright.

My highs are higher and my lows are lower, and the sound is so much more rich, carries so much further, and it can be so much louder or quieter without losing the projection and depth. Used in the right way, I have a beautiful gift, but it is also a curse. I make people feel things whether they're positive feelings or negative, and whether they want to or not. I am an instrument; a performance piece; wonderment and fascination, but only desirable on occasion. I am simply too intense for most people to be around for more than a short time, and I have yet to learn to turn that off.

:blackrose: Requests for Volume 3 are welcome (no more than 2 pieces at once)
:blackrose: If you want to write about one or two (again, no more than 2 at once) then I can feature it in my next Curiosity journal
:blackrose: If there's someone else's work you're curious about, go and ask them ;)


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