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PaW #52: Gneiss (Grand Finale)Pay no attention to the leeches
Though they crawl up this protolith
Sucking blood through igneous exoskeleton
The beggars will not eat today
But their lights shall be on
And in time, you may find...
That while the park may be full
When you’re in there
Scopophobia will be all but obsolete
‘Till the choreography is forgotten
I saw the vultures today
How emaciated, they have become
Ribcages thru the rind – under duress
Mayhaps your escape was convenient
This path is long and winding
And it will contort further if you persist
Do not bend with it
And stay familiar and overwhelmingly warm
Chattering like magma in its wake
A puppet dancing free of his strings
You have come this far
The point of no return cannot be seen behind you
Now swallow the poison
And embrace the tidal wave...
White wallsThese four blank walls, reality condemned
Je n'en sors jamais indemne
Don't hold me in its grasp
Don't make me face the past
Ne me vois pas, je ne suis là
que pour faire passer le message
One, two, three, thousand visages
All of them bearing oxygen
Attention à la marche avant
Sous une pluie de goudron et de sang
Mais au moins maintenant
Ces murs ne seront plus blancs.
2015-194 EvensongMy friend Rebecca Michelle TheEmptyChest asked if I were to write the story of my life, what I would title it. The title I was thinking of was 'Holding onto Hope' or something along those lines. But 'Evensong' would work well, too, or perhaps better.
Evensong, or Compline as my Roman Catholic sisters and brothers name it, is the closing prayer of the day before retiring. It is a time to reflect upon the day, what has gone well and what has not, what blessing I may give thanks for, and what misdeeds I need to confess to God so that I can sleep with conscience clear.
Psalm 91 is the psalm for Sunday evening. "The one who dwells in the shelter of the Most High and abides in the shade of the Almighty says to the Lord, 'My refuge, my stronghold, my God in whom I trust.'"
Psalm 91 used to bother me because, on the surface level, it is simply not true. God's people do suffer, and all too often they suffer specifically because they are God's people. Then I realized that those who suffer most
Help.No matter how hopeless you feel,
how alone,
or how invisible,
there is someone who is willing,
and waiting,
to help you tie every loose end,
repair every tear,
and help you through it all.
Sometimes it's a matter of finding them,
sometimes they have to find you,
and sometimes is just a matter,
of acknowledging that they exist,
and that you need their help.
So, no matter your circumstances,
no matter your mindset,
no matter how helpless you may feel,
please believe,
that you never have to go through anything alone.

Some writing pieces that I am particularly proud of...


Have I inspired you to create a piece of writing or art? 

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I am 21 year old artist, writer, composer, singer-songwriter and jewellery maker.

I don’t really have one particular area of interest yet; I just enjoy creating and will give anything new a shot ;)

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Published work:
No matter how dark the night gets, there will always be that tiny little spark waiting to blaze with life in the dawn...
Through a deeply emotional series of photography and poetry, explore the world of an individual with mental illnesses and how they are learning to overcome the accompanying difficulties.

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However, if you appreciate my work because it is art, then I am very grateful! Feel free to leave any comments and tips that you wish :aww:
Time to do a little campaigning for a fellow deviant:

:iconaurora9912: Lori has Lupus.
She is fighting it, but she needs help with funds for surgery.

What she says:
Hi everyone, I'm Lori.  It's been quite a while since I've been here but my battle with lupus was kicking my ass for quite a while there.  It still is, of course, but I'm no longer wishing it would hurry up and kill me.  Actually, I have decided not only that I want to live but I am taking my Dr's advice and having a gastric bypass in the hopes of having MORE of a life.  The problem?  I need some money to pay the GI doctor before the surgery because Medicare doesn't cover it.  If you are unable to donate believe me, I understand. Maybe you could share the site link on Facebook or Twitter or whatever else is out there?

Here's her journal entry about it:

Fund Raising For SurgeryHi, I'm Lori.  Down to basics because I am not feeling well, I have lupus.  If you know anyone who has lupus, I'm sorry.  It's a vicious disease.  I'm disabled and on Medicare alone.  I realize that I haven't been active here in quite a while.  I had a massive flare.  Muscle spasms have been preventing me from drawing which is very depressing.
Anyway, I need to have gastric bypass surgery.  Medicare won't pay it all and I can't have the surgery until I pay at least $2500.00.  I put the fund raising amount at $3,000.00 even though it will be more.  
But that amount will get me into surgery.
If you can help, even $5 or $10 adds up, please see the full story at or and my name is Lori Hill.
Whether you can help or not I ask you to please read this article.  It will help you understand people with lupus and other chronic incurable diseases.  It will take just a couple of minutes to read.

You can donate to Lori here

Please also read this article about the Spoon Theory, as it not only applies to Lupus, but also many other mental and physical illnesses.

My only personal experience with Lupus is that it was a contributor of why my aunt's sister killed herself last year: She was in a lot of pain both mentally and physically from the condition. Other than that, I can't really say I know anything about it. I didn't know her and she lived on the other side of the world so I was fairly indifferent when she passed. I do know that it caused those who did know her a great deal of pain to watch her decline and finally take her own life, though.
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