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Some writing pieces that I am particularly proud of...

KnittingYou will have to forgive me
            for hysteria is clawing out of my throat
     as uncontrolled laughter
                 and the tears from my eyes
          that stream down my face,
                       defiling my immaculate eyeliner
                 with streaks as dirty as my
                            filthied mind;
My fingers are intricately interlocked and
           bound so tight that my knuckles are discoloured
     white and yellow and blue while
                 pins and needles stab and gouge
           overstrained tendons
How to be a parent1. Hit your child
when they do something wrong
or something
that you don't like.
Fists, open palms,
belts or wooden spoons
work best.
Do not explain why,
and make sure
to leave a mark.
2. Shout at your child
should they ever frustrate you
or make you angry.
Whether it's their fault
or yours;
they should be the ones to pay for it.
Especially if they cannot do
what you want them to,
no matter how hard
they might have tried.
3. Mock your child
when they are upset.
Do not comfort them
like they deserve;
tell them how stupid they look
with that runny nose
and tears streaming down their face.
Ask them if they've finished yet,
and if they continue to cry,
simply turn your back.
4. Shun your child
when they want your attention.
Tell them that the thing they made
is just a thing, not a plane,
and that it is not good enough,
and never will be.
Make sure they understand
how much better you were
at everything
at their age.
Make them feel worthless,
like a failure,
like they don't deserve your love
DumbWhy   s t a y   • s • i • l • e • n • t •
                                          when they—
        —ADDRESS    .y.o.u.
          —Berate     .y.o.u.
            —beat     .y.o.u.
with   « s y l l - a - b l e »  percussions
                 hammering straining
   ear drums
                                         raw to
       D i S - t O r - T i O n ?
Flesh   )c a v e d(   to   {e m b r a c e}
RunnerI walked, at first.
Then I ran.
And I kept on running,
even when I could no longer force the air into my lungs,
and the world spun and stars danced
in front of my glazed-over eyes.
I ran further than I had ever run before,
I ran miles and miles,
and I overheated until I had to
tie my shirt up and expose my
belly to keep from passing out.
I ran through a village,
then another village-and-another
and nobody ever met my eye
I ran down bridleways-footpaths
and ran through fields
and leg-shredding-brambles,
with my blade-down-the-back-of-my
trousers and t-H-i-R-t-E-e-N rivers of scarlet
trraaaaiiiiiiling down my arm.
I ran until I was
and my limbs were leaden and my mouth
tasted sweet and-i-had-no-food-or-energy-left
in a field near a road at the top of the hill watching the—
—sun set in reds-and-oranges-and-golds,
blue-velvet hues
Spirals and HurricanesSpinning, falling, down, down,
Dance to the chorus of the stars;
a waltz, step in time, three,
spirals, twisting, leaping, free.
Heads raised in triumph to the sun,
Fists clenched as bullets, shining bright,
glaring, smouldering through your soul
of sweet, sweet venom in your veins.
Hurricanes and missile fire,
Screaming chaos, deafened ears,
when blinded eyes watch old worlds die
as dumb men sing to solemn skies.
Clouds as waves, velvet, shrouds,
Drown in nectar, royal blue
butterflies drift on the breeze
of saddened sighs and weakened hearts.
Spirals blend with hurricanes,
Tears are stained with sand,
the woven noose,
a broken neck,
one final breath.
Ashes to ashesBurnt remains float on the draft,
A lazy dance on hidden currents,
Twirling, soaring, plunging into the gap
between charred floorboards
and ashen sills;
Empty inside...
Motes blurring into shadowed spectres,
Flashing in shafts of sunlight
that penetrate gloomy rooms,
Tales long forgotten
remembered in the woodgrain;
Void of feeling...
Disturbing footprints scattered,
Chaotic paths of desperation
running in circles,
Sprinting to a standstill
on black-veined tiles;
Cold as ice...
Splashes of vibrance embracing
silver plated moonbeams,
Ashes to ashes,
And shackled souls
battered to the bone;
Your words taste of dust.


Is "gay marriage" legal where you live? (let's jump on the bandwagon) 

23 deviants said Yes ;)
7 deviants said What is this "gay marriage" thing? It's just marriage, no need to segregate or label... O.o
1 deviant said No :(
No deviants said I don't actually know... I'll have to look it up ^^;


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
I am 21 year old artist, writer, composer, singer-songwriter and jewellery maker.

I don’t really have one particular area of interest yet; I just enjoy creating and will give anything new a shot ;)

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Published work:
No matter how dark the night gets, there will always be that tiny little spark waiting to blaze with life in the dawn...
Through a deeply emotional series of photography and poetry, explore the world of an individual with mental illnesses and how they are learning to overcome the accompanying difficulties.

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However, if you appreciate my work because it is art, then I am very grateful! Feel free to leave any comments and tips that you wish :aww:
Fairytale flower_2 by ViKiV
When I Could Give It To YouI am so truly sorry
For it is all my fault,
That your lively lungs
Won't give you the element,
In which allows you to breath,
For I am capturing all your air,
Breathing it,
Blowing it out,
Wasting it,
When I could be giving it to you.
I am so truly sorry
For it is all my fault,
That your fragile body
Has less space to move,
Less room to wander,
For I am taking it all up,
Popping your bubble,
Stepping on your feet,
Filling up stolen space,
When I could be giving it to you.
I am so truly sorry
For it is all my fault,
That you had to waste your time
Caring for me,
Instead of worrying about yourself,
For I have caused more stress than smiles,
Causing tears,
Ruining laughter,
Crushing precious moments,
When I could be giving it to you.
I am so truly sorry
It is all my fault,
That I am destroying your life
When I could end mine,
And give it to you instead.
you are but a shard of glass, cut between
the palms of my hands.
the crevice ran deep, and surged into my
the bitter smell of blood
that you
seeped still
lingers... haunting my taste for
you are but a scar, stained white
through my skin.
pure as the naive child who still
believes there are, somewhere in this world, places
she can run to; hide, from the monsters
that haunt her nightmares.
you are but a memory, encased in my
created by the cruel realities in which, in
order to live, we had to run
away, to keep our sanity.
and you, are the dead. the dying... the
sickened, the depressed. everything that
that leads to
you are the smoke that fills my lungs,
leaving me gasping for air; life.
grasping my soul, surrounding it in
as my bones tremble with a longing to
move again,
run again..;
the knowledge
that the possibilities are lost,
there is no
place for that
you are the poison that taints
me. teases me, brings me forward

Ravens and the blood red branches by Meatshop-Tattoo
Envious of a Noble WomanShe carried the universe on her shoulders,
But others only remarked
how lucky she was to have it all
True StoryI once read a book
called How to Offend; it had
just one word: "exist."

madhouse - trichotomy schizophrenia by chriseastmids
moon    I.
I fall into your gravity
at an acceleration of 9.8m/s^2.
You are my Earth and I can
never move fast enough to
escape the weightless feeling
in my insides as I plunge toward
my ground.
I am travelling past but
you pull me into your orbit.
It’s a little unfair how you
keep me revolving around you
but my own fault for keeping
The Masquerade [Entry One, December 2014]December 2014
The man behind the counter smiles at me and raises his hands so I can see them.   You ready to go?
Despite the fluidity of the movements, I raise my eyebrows briefly at the dialect difference before replying. Yes.
Have a good flight, travel safe. He leads me to the gate and as I board the plane I turn back to smile and wave at him.
Thank you.
I find my seat easily and sit down. The chair and the walls vibrate slightly and I can feel a firm shaking of the ground below me. The other passengers are getting on.
A grandmother, a mother and a baby sit down in my row. They’re all travel-anxiety mixed with saccharine smiles, and we get along well so long as I keep my mouth shut. I do a crossword and drop my mechanical pencil over the side of my tray.
“Excuse me, can you grab that?” I say as politely, as carefully as I can.
It’s no use. Her face falls, twists in disgust and in what I can only hope is an unconscious mov

Erosion by Joshua-Cramer Yellow by JacquelineBarkla
.I buried hope in the ground
and pretended not to hear her
screaming from the depths
stories only keep you immortal for so longsomewhere on the other side
of a town shaped like
a midnight cliche,
you are dying:
    it has been so many months
    since I last mouthed your name.
    I have been dead since August, darling,
but on the sandbars of my memory
we are seventeen forever,
drunk on sloppy kisses
and spoken-word poetry,
throwing around our dreams
like they're fists
and humming the theme song to Rocky,
promising paper cranes for every landed punch
    and writing love letters
    to the bruises of tomorrow.
    we reached our meridian
on a Tuesday,
falling gently into ruin
like statues underwater,
held together with nothing
but a silence heavy as a cannonball -
and even the windstorms we weathered
would leave us only shaken,
not stirred.
not us.
we were far too comfortable
in the bedrock,
pressed upon each other,
praying to turn into diamonds
in the morning;
we were fossils, you and me,
the negatives in the film,
    the ghosts of u

Scale maille and bead embroidered necklace 1 by Priscillascreations
Some pieces worth taking a look at :heart:


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